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Customized Shopping Bag

"Our goal is not to produce containers for products you sell, but a strong vehicle for your image."
That's how we present our new packaging concept .
It is not correct to consider a shopping bag only as the means by which all customers can take away their purchase.
Your printed shoppers are the showcase that leave your world, to enter the customer's life.
The more they are reused, the greater your publicity, as they provide more opportunities for your brand to be seen in circulation.
This is why your shopping bag
  has to be made with the most reusable material: fabric .
shopping bag in tessuto personalizzate
Simbolo ECOLOGIC BAG.png
EcologicBag Logo.png
…because true ecology must be sought in the reusability of a shopping bag, meaning that it may be used for different purposes before being “discarded”. Statistically our fabric shopping bags are reused more than 50 times before being recycled in the waste collection of synthetic fibres. Single Use is Not the Future Option (Greenpeace).
Simbolo ECONOMIC BAG.png
…because our product is unique in that it is the result of a mechanised production process, using in-line welding and avoiding the need for costly manual stitching. This allows us to offer customer’s the most coveted type of packaging at truly low prices.
…is the perfect synthesis through which a business can offer its customers a shopping bag that is ecological, low-cost, and above all very aesthetically beautiful.
Why choose our shopping bags?
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